On Microcredentials

From Curiosity to Career: Competencies for College, Career, Community

Academic credentials — such as diplomas, certifications, and certificates — have served as proxies for bundles of knowledge, practices, skills, and competencies for most of the past century and longer.

Now, due to the rapid evolution of independent learning facilitated by the Internet, learners are beginning to surface the outcomes, competencies, and practices they have achieved in a variety of formal and informal settings and to share them with current and future colleagues and employers, throughout a lifetime of learning.

Understanding these components of learning can help people prepare for thriving at home, at work, and in civic life. More.

From Curiosity to Career: Passion to Profession

Four recent employer-led professional development initiatives bridge the gap between education and employment, drawing Maine people of all ages toward high-demand competencies and careers that match their interests and passions. More.

UNE Academy of Digital Sciences

In 2015, University of New England president Danielle Ripich invited us to bring the Project>Login Curiosity to Career , TechHire Maine, and Leadership Maine Sparks research to UNE and develop professional learning programs focused on digital career competencies — for UNE undergraduates, alumni, and Maine adults. More.

Maine Sparks: Helping Maine People Thrive

Maine Sparks — conceived by the Leadership Maine Tau class workforce development team in 2012 — was a proposed campaign to help young and adult learners discover what sparks them, align those interests to the competencies of in-demand careers in Maine, and explore the learning pathways toward those careers. More.

The Future of Learning in Maine

For some time, we’ve been envisioning the next phase of learning in Maine. We’ve met a number of times, in different places, to try to capture our vision of the future of education. And we’ve done this while being surrounded by the pervasive disruption of our familiar ways of educating students. More.

Learning in a Wisdom Economy

I have been involved with learning media for many years. For me, this is the most exciting time of all to be working in this field, as creative technologies are beginning to allow students to pursue their interests, learn at their own pace, and connect with other learners, anywhere, anytime. More.