Publishing with WordPress

Over the past 10 years, I have created, led, and promoted digital learning initiatives for K-12, higher education, professional development and lifelong learning. Throughout that time, WordPress has been my primary online publishing platform.

  • At Bates College, I led the initial transition to WordPress as the college’s online publishing platform by convening content management contributors, presenting to leadership, and developing prototypes for communications staff. 
  • At the Maine Department of Education, I conducted a needs analysis of online communications, created an information architecture plan, and developed prototypes for a new core website, an educator’s collaboration platform, and a news and updates channel, all on WordPress. 
  • At Harvard School of Law, I consulted on CMS platform evaluation and selection, defined an information architecture integrating content from multiple print publications, developed a WordPress prototype to demonstrate classification for communication staff, and consulted during the selection of a vendor to overhaul the entire online communications enterprise. See:

  • At Project>Login and the University of New England, I oversaw the relaunch of program websites into WordPress and integrated categorized e-mail notifications with MailChimp RSS campaigns.
  • I have compared WordPress and Drupal for multiple clients, including Bates, Maine DOE, and Harvard Law. Here are the in-depth evaluation criteria. 
  • I initiated a crowd-sourced inventory of colleges and universities using WordPress on Google Sheets in 2012. I look forward to connecting with the community to update it again soon. 
  • I publish, edit, and maintain sites for WGBH Alumni on a single multisite instance as a volunteer.
  • During my pre-WordPress days at Dartmouth College, I evaluated, selected, implemented, and managed a content management system and managed, architected, produced, and edited more than 50 Web sites and other communications services for departments and offices.
  • I have made presentations and led discussions about the strategic use of WordPress in higher education. 

  • In my previous roles at MIT, WGBH, and PBS, I created digital media and promotion for the MIT Media Lab, NOVA, Frontline, and more.