Public Presentations

Vision is entirely a creative faculty: it uses the body and the mind as the navigator uses his instruments. … One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things. Henry Miller

Online Presentations

Presentations by Date

  • Digital Strategies for Learning: A Student-Centered ApproachIT4K12, Vancouver (6/12)
  • Web strategy for Higher Education — WordCamp Boston 2011 (7/11)
  • Crossing Web BoundariesWeb 2011 Conference at Penn State (6/11)
  • Planning for Disruption: Agile Online Governance — J. Boye Philadelphia Conference (5/11)
  • Planning for Disruption: Governance, Strategy, and Management in a Web 3.0 World: When Does ‘Emerging’ Become ‘Disruptive’? — NERCOMP Workshop (2/11)
  • Perils, Pitfalls, and Pleasures: Moving Print Publications to Life Online: Case Study — J. Boye Philadelphia Conference (5/10)
  • Toward the Next Web: Where we’ve been. Where we’re going — Bates Alumni Council (9/09)
  • The Social Web: Yours, Mine and Ours — Bates New York Business Network (3/09)
  • Monitoring Your Web Identities — Higher Education Web Conference (10/07)
  • Principles of an Effective Web Experience — Bates Communications and Media Relations (4/07)
  • Integrated Communications and the Bates Web — Bates College Board of Trustees College and External Relations Committee (1/07); Office of College Advancement (3/07); President’s Council (3/07); Office of Admissions (4/07).
  • Down a 2.0–Way Street: Trends in University Web CommunicationsUniversity of Southern California (2/06)
  • The 2.0–Way Street: Content and Collaboration in the Web 2.0 World Dartmouth Computing (12/05)
  • Buyer Beware: How To Get The Most Out Of Your CMS Vendor — Web Content Management Conference (12/05)
  • Sustaining Web Content Management — Higher Education Web Conference (11/05)
  • Does the Web Mean the Death of the Print Magazine? — University Research Magazine Association (9/05)
  • Toward an Integral Web: Visions, Themes, Trends in Web Communications — Dartmouth Communications Committee (9/05)
  • Pathfinding in the CMS Jungle (co–presented with MIT) — NERCOMP Annual Conference (3/05)
  • Sustaining the University Web: Strategies for Success — OmniUpdate User Conference (3/05)
  • Keeping It Fresh: Sustaining the University Web — EDUCAUSE Western Conference (3/04)
  • Digital media and the Web experience — MIT Freshman Advising Seminar (11/00)