Reflections from Academy learners:

Looking into the future I believe that I am finally steering the cart in the right direction. By recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, the Academy has provided me with a platform on which I can improve. The courses are a great asset for myself and others taking them. I am very excited to expand my knowledge in the tech field and the opportunity to showcase my abilities to potential employers is priceless.

Personally, going through these courses may have changed the view of my career path. I had a general sense of where I thought I was going, but it feels like more paths are being revealed … and some even intertwine with others. Each path is interesting in its own way, so I will have to figure out the one that generates the most interest.

Overall, being in Essentials was a life-changing experience in terms of how I see and value myself. I’m looking forward to my Fundamentals of Data Analysis course beginning soon, as well as the roundtable and other future networking opportunities.

It amazes me that while you think you have a strong understanding of something there is always that next level of thinking. Working with everyone in this program really gives you a different perspective and opens your mind to different ideas and interpretations which has been amazing for me.

Halfway through the course, I feel I definitely have a better sense of the job market around these topics. This comes from plenary meetings, mentor discussions, and guest speakers. I’m not sure if the course was always intended to have the plenary session include the entire Academy, but I do think it helps learners understand the scope of the field.

This class was exactly as advertised. I took the Digital Essentials course because I had no clue as to what kind of professional work I would love to undertake in the IT field. After some very cursory research, I thought a software developer sounded pretty darn neat. As I progressed through the class, I have learned that it is still a very neat field indeed and one that I wish to learn more about, but my skills and interests have diverted me towards a potential career in UX/UI.

After 4 weeks, there has been a profound change in my view of the importance of online presence, as well as the possibilities available to me. There are many potential career opportunities, and there is no linear path for someone to take.

One of the most satisfying parts of the course may have been the actual project cycle. As always, these opportunities are what you make them, and my partner and I were able to integrate a lot of course concepts into our project cycle.

What really resonates with me about the program is the importance of focusing on transferable skills. It’s not so much what you know specifically, but that you have the skill to adapt. I’m really excited about starting the module on project management. In my current role, I need to manage a number of projects and would really like to do that more effectively.

My employer is implementing new systems. Learning how to process the data that will be generated by these new systems will be helpful. If I am able to gain more proficiency in using data analysis tools, my confidence will increase. Ideally, this will allow me to more confidently initiate collaborative efforts. Beyond that, I would like to be able to propose new ways to generate data that further inform our procedures.

Reflections from Academy professional mentors:

I really enjoyed meeting with learners – hearing their feedback and going through the material through their eyes. I was happy to guide them through their final projects and find out when they were fulfilled and willing to recommend the program to others.

I was proud when an individual tried hard, overcame hurdles, and finished the session successfully.

The most professionally-satisfying experience as a mentor has been when learners discover their niche and passions, especially when a learner that had a successful career used the skills picked up in the UNE Academy to change to a more meaningful career.

I’m pleased that the Academy is being welcomed in the community, and has a positive outward appearance.