The Dreamer by Tom Rush

The moon she rides the tattered storm
on a ragged gypsy journey
The snow lies on the mountain
like a cloak upon a king

My dreams go tumbling with the dust
out across the valley
Low above the river
low above the sea

Life’s a sparrow lost at sea
in dark of night with far to go
Dreams are ships that sail away
and we are only cargo

Now the sea has always sung to me
but I have never ever heeded
I am born a farmer, raised the same
married to the land

But sometimes I will lie at night
while she is softly sleeping
Far away I hear the song
the sea sings to the sand

Now Adam’s prize was open eyes
his sentence was to see
so day by day he’s worn away
against reality

So gypsies dream of being king
kings of being free
A sailor longs to till the land
the farmer sets to sea

And the sea will love the land all night
like a woman loves her lover
The wind will race along the beach
and make the sea cliffs ring

I will wake and start to dream again
the dream I dream forever
Of the ships I’ll never sail
the songs I’ll never sing