Favorite Articles and Videos

Video: Life of a Star- 12 billion years in 6 minutes

January 18, 2009

“The lifecycle of a G-type star, like The Sun.” Birth to death. Life of a Star: 12 billion years in…

Rustic Romance

November 22, 2009

The real Maine has been a magnet for tourists for almost as long as it has been a state, and…

If you love your town, prosperity follows

November 23, 2010

“If you sometimes stop and wonder why you donate to your local school’s annual fundraiser, help plant trees on your…

After Social Media by Brian Solis

November 19, 2010

“2010 will be the year that we save us from ourselves in social media … we will stop drinking from…

In Portland’s Munjoy Hill, Do as the Mainers Do (washingtonpost.com)

April 22, 2009

“Portland’s Munjoy Hill neighborhood has become a hot spot in Maine’s biggest city … The vibrant, eclectic neighborhood … has…

Portland Principal Promotes Collaborative Culture

April 10, 2011

The genius of this school is not in a program, it’s not in the laptops, it’s in the learning. It’s in teachers designing learning that they know will work for kids … and they have the space and the time and the autonomy to do it.

Why Programming Is The Core Skill Of The 21st Century

May 31, 2013

Programming skills are becoming ever more important, quickly turning into the core competency for all kinds of 21st Century workers….

On the science of creativity

September 20, 2010

The University of Chicago’s John Cacioppo … has helped pioneer research that shows how social connection shapes everything from depression…

TED | Talks | Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law (video)

November 6, 2007

“Presentation of ‘three stories and an argument’ … brings together John Philip Sousa, celestial copyrights, and the ‘ASCAP cartel’ to…