Favorite Articles and Videos

YouTube – Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

June 7, 2009

“All things go / all things grow / all things know / all things go.” YouTube – Sufjan Stevens –…

In Portland’s Munjoy Hill, Do as the Mainers Do (washingtonpost.com)

April 22, 2009

“Portland’s Munjoy Hill neighborhood has become a hot spot in Maine’s biggest city … The vibrant, eclectic neighborhood … has…

Keynote ruckus at HighEdWeb (sillybean.net)

October 24, 2009

“What do 450 web nerds do when they’re trapped in a hotel ballroom listening to someone who’s insulting their intelligence?…

Video: Richard Thompson – Banish Misfortune

September 8, 2007

Beautiful, baleful Scottish tune played by Richard Thompson. YouTube – Richard Thompson – Banish Misfortune – Videowest 81