Web Hub progress report

Program planning and management – Completed

  • ILS granted authority to Web Communications to recommend and implement new content platform (spring 2009)
  • Web communications completed initial development of Home and Views sites in WordPress (9/11/09)
  • Detailed program proposal submitted to VP of College Advancement for sponsorship (9/18/09)
  • Completed initial outreach with content partners and advisors (10/1/09)
  • Completed draft scope statement and proposed milestones, requesting authority to support Web communications for department and offices (10/14/09)
  • Recommended program team and advisors (10/14/09)
  • Program put on hold by OCMR (10/16/09)
  • Program approved by Advancement (11/14/09)
  • Technology requirements approved by ILS (12/10/09)
  • Advisors kick-off meeting (12/21/09)
  • Background content integrated into prototype site for Web communications (12/28/09)
  • Planning paused for BatesNews e-mail management (1/4-8/10)
  • Requested program staffing and budget (2/19/10)

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