Principles of an Effective Web Experience (2009)

Why is it important to make sure our Web sites are in alignment with best practices? Imagine getting in a car and finding the steering wheel in the back seat. Or driving on the left in some towns and the right in others. Or having traffic signals with purple, magenta, and orange lights.
Here are principles that can help us evaluate how effective a Web experience really is for our visitors:
For community members and visitors, an effective Web experience should be:

  • Dependable: Is it available whenever and wherever I need it?
  • Intuitive:  Can I easily explore, find, and contribute?
  • Useful:  Is content relevant, accurate, and up to date?
  • Engaging:  Is the experience appealing? Does it draw me in?
  • Personalizable:  Can I find, save, and subscribe to my interests?
  • Welcoming: Do I feel a sense of community? Are a variety of perspectives and voices presented?
  • Meaningful: Is the experience valuable and worth my attention?

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