The Web is dead, long live the webs

In response to N.J. Smythe’s insightful commentary: If The Web is Really Dead, What Have We Lost? As healthy people and societies…


A month inside walled gardens

I know the pendulum spirals between “information wants to be free” and “information want to be expensive” and I think we come out at a more expansive level most of the time. It’s just that the exclusionary approach makes me nervous.


Into the liminal: an ode to autumn

This afternoon, the wind whipped the leaves into wispy funnels that danced out around the woodpile and up the back hill, inviting us to come out.


Learning in a Wisdom Economy

For my 9-year-old daughter, knowledge is at her fingertips, her interests are becoming a primary frame for learning both in school and out.

Learner-centered education in Maine

Toward Learner-centered Education in Maine

To illustrate learner-centered instruction in action, the Maine Department of Education funded a series of videos focusing on students and teachers at schools that are leading the way.


Talent Development and the Future of Work

With today’s rapid pace of technological and economic change, the skills gap is widening worldwide. People need new skills to succeed in the changing economy, and organizations can’t find the talent they need to grow and thrive.


Reflecting on the Tapestry of Small-town Life

Once or twice a week, I spend early mornings in our natural-food-and-free-wireless coffee shop in town. Over the months, I’ve gotten to know a few regulars.

CultureCon 2012

Designing an Agile Learning Culture

I was fortunate to attend CultureCon in Boston, which focused on designing workgroup practices that embrace agile, nimble learning. This is the world into which our students will be growing.

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Toward the Integral Internet

If Web 1.0 was the “published Web” and The Cluetrain Manifesto predicted what was to become the social Web (Web 2.0), I believe the next iteration, Web 3.0, will be the “Integral Internet.”


The Future of Learning in Maine

For some time, we’ve been envisioning the next phase of learning in Maine. We’ve met a number of times, in different places, to try to capture our vision of the future of education. And we’ve done this while being surrounded by the pervasive disruption of our familiar ways of educating students.

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